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The wait is almost over...

I done it again! I have successfully gotten out of my own way to fulfill a life long dream of publishing the first story I ever dreamt up for the Dream Diaries, Revolver: Volume Two of the Dream Diaries is finally published!!!!

I started writing it in high school, needless to say, it's been quite a few years since this journey started, and I promise that it is so far from ending.

The Author would like to also thank the many individuals that were critical and crucial to the construction and completion of this Second chapter of the Dream Diaries.

I would like to give a very special long-winded acknowledgment to my dear best buddy Robert J. Brown, for all his many and endless contributions to my personal well-being, and my cause. The hopes and dreams that he has effortlessly invested in my hopes and dreams, continues to fill my endless need for appreciation and acknowledgement. Thanks again, Pal.

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