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Push! Push! Push!!!!!

Master author and artist Luke R. Harris has edited the site this time with only a small amount of help from (Robert) myself. We continue to make progress on many fronts as we push to complete animated characters of Nightmares along with starting to set up for a comic book series based on the novel. Then Luke has completed and published Vol. 2 Revolver out now and available on our site. Now He starts Vol.3 and tries to get it Finalized in time for it's Release date of Jan 1 2023, But Fear Not devoted fans we will continue to be here 5 nights a week for your viewing pleasure and bring forth our accomplishments to your screens so you never have to miss a moment of fun!!!!!!!

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Hey Guys Robert Brown here, we are always actively trying to improve the access to our videos and live streams for you all and make it easier to view and message us straight from your mobile devices s


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