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Never underestimate the power of the last minute.

Wow, what a long, strange trip it's been. 2019, around Halloween, I was chatting with a brother from church about his retirement plans. He explained that he wanted to publish books. I thought it an odd hobby for retirement, but he clarified how he got to this desired goal. He just knew so many people that wanted to publish books, but didn't know how. So, I shared that I had a story to share. I have been writing my fingers to the bone, exhausting every last minute, and burning the candle on both ends. And now I am on the precipice of publishing my second novel. Revolver: Volume Two of the Dream Diaries, part of the continuing adventures of Nonabel and her fellow dreamers as the bring their power into reality to fight their fears and darkest nightmares.

Release Dates for the Series:

Nightmares - Jan. 2021

Revolver - Jan. 2022

No Fate - Jan. 2023

Hunter - Jan. 2024

Bag of Bones - Jan. 2025

Nevermore - Jan. 2026

Prodigal - Jan. 2027

Victims - Jan. 2028

Redemption - Jan. 2029

Revolver: Volume Two of the Dream Diaries.

What goes around, comes around. Another dreamer is plunged into the world of dreaming with the aid of the town's resident witch, Nonabel Lamia Venatora.

Johnny has waking nightmares giving him reason to believe that Death is coming.

He hires Nonabel to help him uncover the mysteries that plague his life and has left him scarred. Nonabel helps him to explore his buried memories to open him up a new life, and new unimagined possibilities.

Join them in this magical adventure as Johnny introduces us to his world of Motorbikes and Muscle-cars!

Available on Q4U in January 2022

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