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Death I might be able to make a deal with death; I thought as I slowly crossed the field to my family

"Death?! Ha! you think that they are on your side. ha. he has gladly accepted every soul you gave me because of your failures. you might be able to convince him to spare the life of your loved ones, or maybe bring back your lover; but i need to give him a gift, the exchange your powers. join me and we may entice him to make a new deal. without me, he will not reveal his presence to you as you die," He stated   



The Dream Diaries continues as the next entries are written by a new dreamer.  A year later after the adventures and events of Nightmares, Volume One of The Dream Diaries; the diary is picked up by Johnny, Derik's cousin.  Nonabel is hired by Johnny to turn back time, help him retrace his steps to find clues to the mystery of what happened to his cousin late one night.  In this entry of the diary of Johnny, he is introduced to the world of Magic and Mayhem that can only happen in our dreams.  Normally, Johnny can't tell the difference between a daydream or reality due to his special conditions.  Nonabel works with him to harness his gift daydreaming and seeing ghosts to help him ultimately conquer Death and reverse the curse that's been put upon his cousin and remove the vampire plague that has descended upon his town in the form of nomadic bikers.

Come join Nonabel on the continuous adventures of the Dream Diaries as she teaches regular dreamers how to conquer their dreams and use that same power of magic to manipulate the real world and change their reality.

Get Ready For The Second                Novel IN The Series OF
           THE DREAM DIARIES     


Meet The Team

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Luke Harris

Soon to be Three time published author

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Robert Brown

Two soon to be Three Time business owner

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